Frequently asked questions

How long does my natural hair need to be?

For our Micro-Weft and Clip-In Extensions, we do recommend that your hair is at least shoulder length for the blend to look as natural as possible. For our Tape Extensions we can work with shorter hair. Booking an in person consultation is the best way for us to assess your hair and decide on the best method for you.

What is the least damaging method?

Both our Micro-Weft and Tape Extensions are very gentle on your natural hair. All extensions need to be maintained regularly and taken care of properly in order to ensure that your natural hair does not become damaged. We will provide you with instructions on how to care for your extensions properly, including the best products to use, and everything you need to maintain the integrity of your hair and your new extensions!

Should I dye my hair before coming in for my appointment?

Yes! The best part about our extensions is that they don't need to be dyed to match your hair. We carry a variety of pre blended colours in stock that can match most hair colours. If we don't happen to have your colour in stock, we can create a custom order for you. We can blend up to four colours including a root colour to match your hair perfectly! We have yet to find a colour that we can't match ;)

How long will my extensions last?

We have two lines of extensions. Our Premium European Remy can last approximately six to nine months with proper care. We also have a Premium Russian Remy line of extensions that can last approximately one to two years with proper care.

Do you supply hair to salons?

Yes! You can sign up for a trade account for exclusive pricing!

Do I need to use specific products on my extensions?

If you want your extensions to last, we do have a list of products that work best with our extensions. You can also click on our blog to find direct links to purchase those products!!

How do I know which method is best for my hair?

You can definitely start by take our What Mane Gal Are You quiz! If you are still unsure of the best method for you hair, you can book an in person consultation, or send us a message! We love to chat and are happy to answer all of your questions!

How do I choose my colour?

Choosing a colour online is not always easy, especially when you have multiple shades in your natural hair. You can always submit a photo of the back of your hair in natural light here, and we can help you to choose your best match! The best part about our colour blends is that we have mixed multiple colours together to create a natural highlighted look, that can pull from the colours in your hair and blend well! When choosing the right colour you can to use the ends of your hair as your reference point. You will want your clips to look like an extension of your hair, so you will want to pick a colour that your ends will blend right into. We do have a lot of clients ask us if you can add clips that don't match your hair to create a balayage look. Our answer for this question is always, no, because you will never achieve a natural look by doing this. If you really want to add some colours without dying your hair, tape ins are the best way to do this!

What does Remy mean?

Remy Hair means that the cuticle runs in the same direction, and minimal processing makes the Remy hair smooth, silky and tangle free.

Do I have to book a consultation before I book my installation?

In order to decide what is the best method for your hair type, including length, weight and colour, we do require that you book a consultation prior to booking your installation. If you would like to have your installation booked on the same day, you can send us an email and we can do a quick virtual consultation so we can confirm that you will be able to do your installation on the same day.