How to wear your halo

Prepping the halo:

1. Check the colour! Hold your halo underneath the top layer of your natural hair and make sure that the ends of your hair blend naturally into the colour of the extensions. If you find the blonde to be warmer than the tone of your blonde, you can use a hydrating purple shampoo to adjust the tone. Check out our tutorial on toning extensions!

2. Your halo will need to be taken to your stylist to be cut and blended into your natural hair.

3. The microbead and string work together as a pulley system that can be adjusted to fit all head sizes. Pull on the excess wire with force to slide it through the microbead. If you cannot pull the string through the bead, you can always pink open the bead with a pair of pliers and clamp it shut at the desired position.

Wearing the halo:

1. Using your thumbs, part your hair from your hairline and swoop to just above your ears, creating a horseshoe shape. Clip this hair out of the way.

2. Put your halo on wit the string about two inches away from your hairline. It should be tight enough that it feels secure. You can also use the clips for additional support.

3. Take the clip out of your hair and let your natural hair fall over the halo. Brush hair to ensure the halo is completely covered.

4. Style and enjoy!

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