How to wear your clips

Prepping the clips:

1. Check the colour! Hold your clips underneath the top layer of your natural hair and make sure that the ends of your hair blend naturally into the colour of the extensions. If you find the blonde to be warmer than the tone of your blonde, you can use a hydrating purple shampoo to adjust the tone. Check out our tutorial on toning extensions!

2. Your clips will need to be taken to your stylist to be cut and blended into your natural hair.

Wearing the clips:

1. Start with the smallest 2 clip weft. Separate your hair near the nape of your neck, leaving about 3-4 finger widths of hair loose. Tease your hair and place clips into the teased sections.

2. Create another row, about two finger widths above the first. You will add the three clip row at your mid ears, placing the clips into another teased section.

3. Create top row, leaving another two finger widths above the middle row. You will now add the widest row of clips just above your ears, placing the clips into another teased section. Be mindful not to put this row too high, as it will show through your natural hair.

4. The two single clips pieces will be used to frame your face. You will place these clips on either side, just above the corners of the widest row of clips. These can also be used to add to top knots or braids.

5. Style & enjoy!

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