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Luxe Micro Tips

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Our Luxe Remy Micro Tip Extensions have a lifespan of up to 9 months with proper care.  Each 25g pack comes with 25 pieces, each piece weighing 1g each. 

For fine hair we recommend 4 packs to create a natural look. When looking to add length and volume, 5-6 packs is recommended, and for thick hair, or an extra full look, 8 packs is recommended. 

Our multi-dimensional colour combinations allow for seamless blending.

Pair with our Sparkle micro beads and loop tool for easy application

All Sparkle Luxe Micro Tips are final sale. We recommend purchasing our Sparkle Hair Colour Rings for proper colour matching, as the true colours may differ from those seen in the photos.

Professionals can apply for a PRO SHOP account here for wholesale pricing: Apply Here

Common Questions

Q: Do I need to wash my extensions before wearing them?

A: It is not necessary to wash your extensions before you wear them, unless you want to change the tone of the blonde to match your own althought they will get fluffier once they are washed!

Q: What type of hair are my extensions?

A: Our extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Hair

Q: What if my halo string breaks?

A: Your halo comes with a replacement string in case your string does break. Otherwise, you can always use fishing wire if you prefer a sturdier string as opposed to a bouncy string

Q: Do I need to take my extensions to my stylist?

A: Your extensions will need to be blended, so it would be best to take them to your stylist prior to wearing

Q: What products should I use on my extensions?

A: Extensions safe products are a MUST to keeping your extensions feeling their best. Our favs are the Matrix Length Goals & the Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate line.

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